Does Your Stuff Make You Happy or Does It Become Waste?

Baby Blanket

“A raggedy blanket, a tattered teddy bear, the dog eared appearance of our childhood possessions is a testament to how dearly we hold our sense of ownership.  Humans are materialistic by nature, but we have an odd relationship with the things we own.  Possessions enrich our lives but they also come at a cost, both environmentally and psychologically”.

This is quoted from an Special Report in New Scientist titled The Meaning Of Stuff.  You can subscribe at  Its an amazing magazine to stay informed and get a quick fix for current science studies.

The article covers “Our Urge To Accumulate Has Deep Evolutionary Roots”, by Allison George, “Creature Comforts”, by Graham Lawton, “The Bare Necessities”, by Geoffrey Miller, “My Precious”, by Michael Bond, “Possessed by Possessions”, by Sally Adee, and “Things To Come”, by Chris Baraniuk.


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