Organic Waste Week

Eddie Loking for the manufacturer

Park Slope Eddie looking for the manufacturer of the bins

New York City trucks 12,000 tons of residential and commercial garbage to  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and South Carolina landfills every day.  Most of this is transported by truck adding to the $2.3 billion a year it costs the city to make our waste invisibly disappear. Thirty percent of the city’s residential waste stream is organic material that can be composted (food scraps, paper towels and napkins, yard waste, etc.) which creates methane that can be turned into natural gas to heat our homes.  This will be accomplished by the Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant according to National Grid.

My friend, Eddie, supplied the research that Orbis Corporation was contracted by NYC to manufacture and distribute composting bins to target neighborhoods, like his in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Garbage Girl thinks Orbis needs a good designer on their team.

The New York Times recently reported on the city’s progress collecting and processing organic material.

Local Green Markets are also participating by providing bins that take residential organic waste. Click this link to find out about all of the ways NYC is trying to reduce landfill waste. Organics Collections & Drop-Offs

Not only does this progress reduce the amount of organic matter taken to landfills in plastic bags where it can’t provide important nutrients back to the soil (and minimize the fertilizers needed to keep parks green and gardens flowering) but it will help control the rat populations feeding off of our food waste.

Until next week,  Garbage Girl


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