Wildlife is Getting Stuck with Our Waste

Many years ago, my parents built their dream house in the mountains of northern New Mexico. It sits pristinely on the south facing side of a mountain overlooking a wildlife preserve and one of New Mexico’s most beautiful valleys. The passive solar house within a house was a tribute to my father’s engineering skills, his passion for efficient energy use and his love for nature.

On one of my visits, I learned that the local bears were visiting their deck and toppling their barbecue grills down the mountain to share the tasty remains of a steak cooked outdoors. The concerned citizens of the community decided the bears should get three chances to misbehave or  they would be captured and relocated.  Since the bears made this area their home way before the humans did, it seems more fair to give the humans three chances to misbehave before being requested to relocate.

As we move deeper and more densely into wilderness areas, we affect the current inhabitants with our inconsiderate behaviors.

How to Help

  • Become mindful of litter.
  • Store food, garbage and recycling in wildlife-proof containers.
  • Clean out recyclables so that no food odors remain.
  • Crush recycled plastic containers.
  • Focus on proper disposing of garbage and recycling.
  • Encourage others to consider trash disposal and recycling with wildlife in mind.
  • Hang bird feeders so that wildlife can’t get to them.
  • Clean outdoor grills after each use.
  • Check with your local waste management service to see if there are other ways to help.

Until next week,

Garbage Girl

Cub with Large Plastic Jar

Cub with Large Plastic Jar

Cow with Washing Machine

Cow with Washing Machine

Raccoon with Peanut Butter Jar

Raccoon with Peanut Butter Jar

Skunk with Mayonaisse Jar

Skunk with Mayonaisse Jar






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