The Best of Our Waste Matters 2014



My Holiday Highlights were getting a designer garbage can from Wes Gordon and 25 garbage can key chains from Penelope!

Having Martin as my partner, sounding board for all ideas garbage and preparer of great meals to anchor garbage enthusiasts and conversations.

Working with John.

Launching Our Waste Matters with the help of Bryan and Rebecca.

Engaging with our local Sanitation workers.

Becoming the garbage expert in our Coop.

Developing a garbage passion for researching and learning about this important issue.

Exploring and learning about Brooklyn’s great neighborhoods.

Experiencing The Grand Canyon’s Colorado River, where I could imagine what a waste conscious world could be like.

Working with Troutman Sanders on the patents and protecting inventions.

Conversations with my neighborhood Ace Hardware Guy who can’t wait to start selling and passing this “great idea” onto his fellow Brooklyn Acers.

Having a vertical line for my learning curve and dealing outside my comfort zone.

Having Sam’s backup help with all things technical.

Engaging with Robert’s introductions and their challenging business questions.

Sharing waste awareness with all of you.  Your suggestions, enthusiasm and introductions are so highly appreciated as Our Waste Matters plunges into the New Year with resolutions for better waste habits, discovering our business direction and finding funders.

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Until next week,

Garbage Girl




A Wonderful Week for Our Waste Matters

A cool recycled way to wrap up Christmas gifts this year


The response to Waste Made Beautiful~The OWM Solution was so inspiring!  Thank you for your warmth, your motivations and your offerings of support.  I look forward to growing our community and getting the Cans With A Conscience into our neighborhoods.  With the holidays upon us and exciting goals for the year ahead, I wish you the very Happiest of Holidays and a Reduced Waste New Year!

Have a blast wrapping your thoughtful gifts in recycled materials, reused decorative containers around the house, and all of those paper bags you have in the closet (unwanted logos can be covered with your greeting or cut out to reveal a surprise underneath).   Holidays are the most challenging time to consider our impact on our environment so be thoughtful, resourceful and creative, then watch the smiles appear when your wrapping is discovered to be a soda/milk bottle, a colorful magazine collage or an old Tshirt!

Until next week,

Garbage Girl



Waste Made Beautiful – The OWM Solution

Its so beautiful!

“Where are the garbage cans?”

Can you imagine. . .

  1. how beautiful your block will be?!
  2. how much better your city will look?!
  3. how much more fun it will be to deal with your trash?!
  4. how proud you can finally feel about your garbage cans?!


OWM garbage cans have all of these great features:

  • Colors to match historic urban building materials like Brownstone, Limestone, Bluestone, Brick and Black or White if you live in a wood framed home.
  • Decorative Motifs in the front frame are black or background color.  The motif matches your railings and snaps in place.  Choose fleur d’ lis, curly cue, grape cluster or brick.
  • A Security Loop molded into the back bottom secures them to your building without unsightly locks and chains wrapped around your railings.
  • Easy to clean.  Drainage holes are designed into the bottom.  Just rinse away.
  • The Best Feature holds the bags inside so unsightly bags no longer drape over the edges.
  • Bags come out easily to transfer to the curb making sanitation jobs easier.
  • Address Plaque for your Victorian Address Font.  The surface accommodates stickers.  No more messing with spray paint and templates!
  • Bumpers to help keep your cans lined up neatly.
  • A Shape that holds more garbage and uses our limited urban space more efficiently.
  • OWM cans won’t blow down the block or topple over.
  • A Square bottom accommodates a metal insert making rats unable to enter.
  • Lids secured to the body.  No more lost or separately chained lids hanging off your railings.
  • Easy to use Decorative Handle allows you to discard your bags and still feel clean.
  • Recycling stickers can be placed inside the lids to direct the correct placement of items in each can.
  • One third less plastic is needed because the shape and textured framework add more strength.
  • Made from HDPE which is the plastic polymer that has the best recycling rates.  (I am working to responsibly close the full life cycle of our cans in your waste aware life).

How you can help:

Our Waste Matters is ready for your opinions!

Tell everyone you know how exciting their garbage can be!  Comment on this blog!  Or email us at

I can’t thank you all enough for your support!  You make waste awareness so much fun!

Until next week,

Garbage girl

Plastic, What a Waste!


This image is from  They are a passionate organization in South Carolina trying to bring awareness to their sea turtles.  Many others tell stories of rescuing lethargic turtles that have ingested plastic bags because they look like food thus limiting their ability to submerge and actually feed.  This is only the beginning of the plastic bag issue in our lives.

I am reading Plastic Free: How I kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry.  She also has a blog  that shows you step by step how to become plastic aware and change your lifestyle habits.  An abundance of information from her book will be covered in many future blogs.  For now, I will list just a few of her video recommendations for your eager consumption!

My favorite is a post by Stiv Wilson.  Scroll down to the video Bring Your Bag Chicago produced and directed by Jordan Parker. (Hi, Sarah!  My niece just moved to Chicago.)

This is such a hot topic that it deserves a lot of attention and effort on our part to avoid one use plastic bags and beverage bottles.  A quick exposure to the plastic water bottle industry can be absorbed in The Story of Stuff video.  The most disturbing news here is the additives in plastic that leach into our food and water as well as particles of plastic consumed as plankton by every marine species going up our food chain into us.  You are going to cry seeing this video!  Even though its beautiful.  The worst are endocrine disruptors which mimic the natural hormones our bodies produce and disrupt their natural functions.  These seem to be most toxic in small doses that begin in the womb.     I see a scifi movie in the making all ready!  Ugh!  This is so disturbing!

Food and Water Watch is an organization that collects and reports databases on many municipal water sources and their safety.  You can click this link and scroll to the reservoirs listed in New York (or in your locale) to learn about your tap water.  Most of New York’s water pollution is from treatment additives used to keep it safe through its life to our faucets. Take Back the Tap is a great way to get informed.    If needed, water filters can deal with most harmful substances so its good to read their claims, pair your needs with your filter and! Brita actually accepts and recycles their filters.  Preserve and Gimme5 are great organizations to know about.

I know, its a lot! but aren’t you having fun learning all of this ? 4 more really good videos you can watch:  Lots and Lots of garbage images to music.  That’s cool!  Right?  Digging into the Pacific Garbage Patch.  Deep!!  Jeremy Irons tells an epic tale in the life of a bag!   A good, loud message that is the trailer to a movie and so much more!

How You Can Help:

  • Look for plastic free items when you shop.  This includes packaging.
  • Try and try again and then try one more time to avoid one use plastic bags and beverage bottles.
  • Movies about these issues can be shared with schools, civic groups and fun friendly gatherings.
  • Imagine the costs beyond your one use plastic purchases.  They may save you time but they are not saving you money.  And then the costs keep on going and going, and going. . . .
  • Share the links so more people can become better informed.

Freedom Island Manila Philippines

Freedom Island, Manila, Philippines.

Photo Stiv Wilson    The 5 Gyres Institute



Until next week,

Garbage Girl