Plastic, What a Waste!


This image is from  They are a passionate organization in South Carolina trying to bring awareness to their sea turtles.  Many others tell stories of rescuing lethargic turtles that have ingested plastic bags because they look like food thus limiting their ability to submerge and actually feed.  This is only the beginning of the plastic bag issue in our lives.

I am reading Plastic Free: How I kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry.  She also has a blog  that shows you step by step how to become plastic aware and change your lifestyle habits.  An abundance of information from her book will be covered in many future blogs.  For now, I will list just a few of her video recommendations for your eager consumption!

My favorite is a post by Stiv Wilson.  Scroll down to the video Bring Your Bag Chicago produced and directed by Jordan Parker. (Hi, Sarah!  My niece just moved to Chicago.)

This is such a hot topic that it deserves a lot of attention and effort on our part to avoid one use plastic bags and beverage bottles.  A quick exposure to the plastic water bottle industry can be absorbed in The Story of Stuff video.  The most disturbing news here is the additives in plastic that leach into our food and water as well as particles of plastic consumed as plankton by every marine species going up our food chain into us.  You are going to cry seeing this video!  Even though its beautiful.  The worst are endocrine disruptors which mimic the natural hormones our bodies produce and disrupt their natural functions.  These seem to be most toxic in small doses that begin in the womb.     I see a scifi movie in the making all ready!  Ugh!  This is so disturbing!

Food and Water Watch is an organization that collects and reports databases on many municipal water sources and their safety.  You can click this link and scroll to the reservoirs listed in New York (or in your locale) to learn about your tap water.  Most of New York’s water pollution is from treatment additives used to keep it safe through its life to our faucets. Take Back the Tap is a great way to get informed.    If needed, water filters can deal with most harmful substances so its good to read their claims, pair your needs with your filter and! Brita actually accepts and recycles their filters.  Preserve and Gimme5 are great organizations to know about.

I know, its a lot! but aren’t you having fun learning all of this ? 4 more really good videos you can watch:  Lots and Lots of garbage images to music.  That’s cool!  Right?  Digging into the Pacific Garbage Patch.  Deep!!  Jeremy Irons tells an epic tale in the life of a bag!   A good, loud message that is the trailer to a movie and so much more!

How You Can Help:

  • Look for plastic free items when you shop.  This includes packaging.
  • Try and try again and then try one more time to avoid one use plastic bags and beverage bottles.
  • Movies about these issues can be shared with schools, civic groups and fun friendly gatherings.
  • Imagine the costs beyond your one use plastic purchases.  They may save you time but they are not saving you money.  And then the costs keep on going and going, and going. . . .
  • Share the links so more people can become better informed.

Freedom Island Manila Philippines

Freedom Island, Manila, Philippines.

Photo Stiv Wilson    The 5 Gyres Institute



Until next week,

Garbage Girl


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