Waste Made Beautiful – The OWM Solution

Its so beautiful!

“Where are the garbage cans?”

Can you imagine. . .

  1. how beautiful your block will be?!
  2. how much better your city will look?!
  3. how much more fun it will be to deal with your trash?!
  4. how proud you can finally feel about your garbage cans?!


OWM garbage cans have all of these great features:

  • Colors to match historic urban building materials like Brownstone, Limestone, Bluestone, Brick and Black or White if you live in a wood framed home.
  • Decorative Motifs in the front frame are black or background color.  The motif matches your railings and snaps in place.  Choose fleur d’ lis, curly cue, grape cluster or brick.
  • A Security Loop molded into the back bottom secures them to your building without unsightly locks and chains wrapped around your railings.
  • Easy to clean.  Drainage holes are designed into the bottom.  Just rinse away.
  • The Best Feature holds the bags inside so unsightly bags no longer drape over the edges.
  • Bags come out easily to transfer to the curb making sanitation jobs easier.
  • Address Plaque for your Victorian Address Font.  The surface accommodates stickers.  No more messing with spray paint and templates!
  • Bumpers to help keep your cans lined up neatly.
  • A Shape that holds more garbage and uses our limited urban space more efficiently.
  • OWM cans won’t blow down the block or topple over.
  • A Square bottom accommodates a metal insert making rats unable to enter.
  • Lids secured to the body.  No more lost or separately chained lids hanging off your railings.
  • Easy to use Decorative Handle allows you to discard your bags and still feel clean.
  • Recycling stickers can be placed inside the lids to direct the correct placement of items in each can.
  • One third less plastic is needed because the shape and textured framework add more strength.
  • Made from HDPE which is the plastic polymer that has the best recycling rates.  (I am working to responsibly close the full life cycle of our cans in your waste aware life).

How you can help:

Our Waste Matters is ready for your opinions!

Tell everyone you know how exciting their garbage can be!  Comment on this blog!  Or email us at ourwastematters@gmail.com

I can’t thank you all enough for your support!  You make waste awareness so much fun!

Until next week,

Garbage girl


7 thoughts on “Waste Made Beautiful – The OWM Solution

  1. I read this post. Unless I didn’t read it fully I couldn’t see how , when , or where I can purchase the cans. I also didn’t see how much. Maybe I missed something. Eddie


    • These gorgeous cans are not yet available for consumers because of the high cost of tooling. Our Waste Matters is going into the next phase which will be funding and production. It sounds like you are a customer?!!


  2. I deeply regret that, as an apartment dweller, I cannot be a customer for such beautiful, lovingly and intelligently designed cans. Best wishes for your next phase to be productive in every respect.


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