A Wonderful Week for Our Waste Matters

A cool recycled way to wrap up Christmas gifts this year


The response to Waste Made Beautiful~The OWM Solution was so inspiring!  Thank you for your warmth, your motivations and your offerings of support.  I look forward to growing our community and getting the Cans With A Conscience into our neighborhoods.  With the holidays upon us and exciting goals for the year ahead, I wish you the very Happiest of Holidays and a Reduced Waste New Year!

Have a blast wrapping your thoughtful gifts in recycled materials, reused decorative containers around the house, and all of those paper bags you have in the closet (unwanted logos can be covered with your greeting or cut out to reveal a surprise underneath).   Holidays are the most challenging time to consider our impact on our environment so be thoughtful, resourceful and creative, then watch the smiles appear when your wrapping is discovered to be a soda/milk bottle, a colorful magazine collage or an old Tshirt!

Until next week,

Garbage Girl




2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Week for Our Waste Matters

  1. Thank you for adopting this very worthy cause! Congratulations!

    Best, best, fondest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a great, peaceful and productive New Year.




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