The Best of Our Waste Matters 2014



My Holiday Highlights were getting a designer garbage can from Wes Gordon and 25 garbage can key chains from Penelope!

Having Martin as my partner, sounding board for all ideas garbage and preparer of great meals to anchor garbage enthusiasts and conversations.

Working with John.

Launching Our Waste Matters with the help of Bryan and Rebecca.

Engaging with our local Sanitation workers.

Becoming the garbage expert in our Coop.

Developing a garbage passion for researching and learning about this important issue.

Exploring and learning about Brooklyn’s great neighborhoods.

Experiencing The Grand Canyon’s Colorado River, where I could imagine what a waste conscious world could be like.

Working with Troutman Sanders on the patents and protecting inventions.

Conversations with my neighborhood Ace Hardware Guy who can’t wait to start selling and passing this “great idea” onto his fellow Brooklyn Acers.

Having a vertical line for my learning curve and dealing outside my comfort zone.

Having Sam’s backup help with all things technical.

Engaging with Robert’s introductions and their challenging business questions.

Sharing waste awareness with all of you.  Your suggestions, enthusiasm and introductions are so highly appreciated as Our Waste Matters plunges into the New Year with resolutions for better waste habits, discovering our business direction and finding funders.

photo 1

Until next week,

Garbage Girl




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