Car Wasted by Garbage Truck


In New York we have been under a blanket of snow for most of the winter.  Low temperatures won’t let the snow melt so the curbs are bumpy with frozen reminders of months of accumulating stuff.  The Department of Sanitation is working hard to keep the streets clear.  They are doing such a good job that one of the snow plows got too close to our car.  It took the mirror and put new character into the back quarter panel.  Was it an all nighter for that loyal sanitation worker? Or did we park an inch too far away from an invisible curb buried by mountains of ice from the last storm’s street cleaning?

This morning the sun is out and the night’s snowfall is still a pristine white.  So, while the monster trucks are out keeping the city abuzz, I thought I would entertain you with the power of these trucks and the degree at which their owners revere them.

How You Can Help:

  • Stay off the streets so the Sanitation Department can do their job.  You can imagine how challenging it must be.
  • Pull car mirrors in.
  • Pick up litter as it surfaces.
  • Curb your dogs.
  • Be aware of when the Sanitation Department can and cannot honor your garbage days.

Until next week,

Garbage Girl




3 thoughts on “Car Wasted by Garbage Truck

  1. You should have seen what a garbage truck did to my new car on a bright sunny day in 2009. Never park near a corner or an inch too far from the curb…it’s hard for them to see and even harder in the snow.


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