What an Incredible Waste


This photo is currently being circulated on social media.  I scrolled passed it thinking that I didn’t need to go any deeper into this woman’s misplaced sense of herself.  Yet, it triggered a new meaning to waste on so many levels and made me sad because this is what I got to see in Africa, when I went to hang out with the gorillas and chimpanzees. . .


On one day of the trip, I found myself standing “alone” in the center of a crowded market in Zaire when a young boy threw a handful of beans at me and declared “giraffe”.  The immediate crowd stared at me in tense silence to see how I would react.  Standing at 6’3″, I towered over everyone so the obvious comparison made me spontaneously laugh out loud.  The crowd laughed.  For that moment, I was the exotic species that united a connection.  I still have the beans and the fond memory of being an honorary giraffe who brought delight to a crowd of strangers in a market half way around the world.

The above photoed, awarded, huntress, Rebecca Francis stated, “There is no question that I am extremely selective about the animals I hunt. I feel it is absolutely necessary to hunt older and more mature animals. In a lot of cases, that puts that animal past it’s breeding prime and the animal can actually be kicked out of the herd and replaced with a younger, stronger male to introduce new genetics into the gene pool. Consequently, that animal can not only be bullied by the new male, but also be left all alone to suffer until it’s inevitable death”.  http://www.businessinsider.com/hunter-rebecca-francis-posing-with-giraffe-2015-4#ixzz3XZZYkWTT

This makes me ask if she is as willing to be replaced or killed after she is past her breeding prime.  Her sincerity is hard to believe especially when she posts youthful beauty as her image.  She makes it clear that she loves, promotes and collects exotic animals that she hunts for prowess, recognition and awards.

With the barrage of on line, inner species videos showing us how interconnected we all are, it is shame that this kind of hunting is justified in any way or that old age is not respected as a part of life. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/animal-odd-couples-full-episode/8009/   My dear friend, Eric and I have an on going conversation about our right to die when we are too old or infirmed to experience life without becoming a true burden to those we love.  I can’t imagine that life ending moment warranting a photo op for our smiling participants.

About.com Hunting has a pro hunting article that’s still hard for me to grasp stating our ancestry makes us hunt.  The article concludes with comments about a quote, “We do not go hunting to kill. We kill in order to have gone hunting.” Without the kill, you aren’t hunting. That doesn’t mean that you have to kill every legal animal you see, but hunting is not hunting if you’re not there to kill. But to return to the quote, one does not go hunting expressly for that purpose. Hunting is freedom, a tie to our ancestors, peace, contentment, happiness, joy, sweat, close calls, exploring, hiking, stealth, boring, exhilarating, tiring, satisfying, challenging, and a thousand other things. It’s there for you to discover, and judge for yourself if you want to take part in it. But please, “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”   http://hunting.about.com/library/weekly/aa022899.htm

Darwin enlightened us all with his Tree of Life and The Origin of Species.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life   His work is the base of our comprehension that we are all genetically connected.  Published in 1859, why is it taking us so long to comprehend our place on this planet?  Are we really that lost?  That full of our self importance?  That unaware of our actions?

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