The Most Environmentally Wasteful Design


When one considers how magnificent the human design is, one has to wonder why our needs and desires became so wasteful.

Wasteful design begins with the creator not considering the full impact their creations have on the surrounding environment, both in the making of the design and the finished life of the design.

So, should we fault our creator for making us the most wasteful design on our planet?

Probably not.  Whether we were created by God or evolved from bacteria, we have cumulatively turned into a real threat to the only place we can live.

We are unable to mobilize defenses against this threat.  We consciously or unconsciously ignore it.  We are misinformed about it.  We cannot avoid it because the threat is us.  So, what we have become is so big and so destructive that it hijacks our own sense of common good and responsible choice.

The symptom is not being able to full cycle everything we desire and need.  And our desires and needs are never ending.

We produce pervasive contaminants, harmful pollutants, damaging particles, poisonous atmospheres, everything we use, eat, and do everyday takes something from the earth and does not give back.  The waste is inescapably part of everyday life.

Could our planet reject us?  Could we change?  What is required of each of us to affect a change that is large enough to reverse the direction we are heading?

Spiritual communities may have the answers.  For the first time in human history, our continuing existence depends on our ability to unify with one another.  Our fractious political systems have not produced that unity, so we need to do it ourselves.  We need to inspire each other to tackle change.  The effort we put forth to unify humanity and protect the planet can have an enormous impact.


What you can do to help:

  • Become knowledgeable of how your choices affect the planet and the communities you make choices with.
  • Join or create a community of people and unite for changes that protect the environment.
  • Let businesses know they need to be responsible for the complete life of the product they put into the life of our planet.
  • It’s not about us.  It’s about the planet we live on.
  • Buy less.  Use less.  Be more magnificent.

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