Don’t Lose the Good News!

3b8ff2cd70c52534c66052b8fb49d2f4  The Polar Bears in The San Diego Zoo woke up to a snowstorm!  This project brings awareness to their plight and the rapid meltdown of their natural habitat.

UnknownimagesMicro beads are banned! These unbelievably destructive, tiny pieces of plastic are out numbering the plankton in our oceans and rapidly moving up the food chain.

The Sponge Park is here!  Pollution absorbing plants are now part of New York’s Gowanus Canal working 24/7 to clean up decades of pollutants.


The Paris Conference negotiated a global agreement to reduce climate change!  The agreement will become legally binding in New York between April 22, 2016 and April 21, 2017 when 55 countries, representing 55% of global greenhouse emissions sign it and adopt it within their own legal systems.  The consensus of the 196 parties attending the UN climate deal experienced many frustrations and a lot of drama but it proved that we can compromise for our planet.


Eco Ministries are popping up all around the globe!  From wealthy industrial countries to the poorest and least powerful, their community service driven models declare that the climate crisis is a crisis of values—the essence of how we live our lives, share our resources, and respect one another.

How You Can Help:

  • Weigh the gains on economic growth with who benefits and how much.
  • Move towards a consciousness of the environment we live in and the waste we produce.
  • Learn how political policies control some of our most basic decisions.
  • Gain control over how your community is run.  Is it run on what is right and what is wrong?  Be aware of how large profit driven entities impose on the health of your local landscape and whether or not they actually help.
  • Find out how you are represented and get your voice heard.
  • We live with a lot of complexity regarding fossil fuels.  Our clothing, our food, our transportation, our vacation, our home are all possible because of extracted energies.  Sort it all out and learn how to be accountable.
  • Start discussions that change the current systems and policies from short term gains to value and ethics driven living.
  • Give our greatest asset, democracy, a chance to thrive again.
  • Accept that we all have to participate in the solution to our problems.
  • You live in an amazing place at an important time!

Until next week,Unknown-1

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