Google Maps Didn’t Waste an Earth Day Opportunity!


This Earth Day, explore our beautiful planet with Google Maps.   

The main page gives you a selection of extraordinary places to visit.  Click on one and take a virtual vacation that will remind you of the glorious place we call home and how important it is to keep it alive and healthy.

How You Can Help:

  • Make a pledge to do whatever you can to keep our planet bountiful.
  • Take climate change seriously.   Yes, this video will scare you. Gwynne Dyer brings it home.
  • Reduce consumption.  All products use extracted oil or gas to produce them, package them, ship them to the store or directly to you.
  • Do not buy anything plastic.  Especially single use plastic containers, bags and packaging. Have you ever noticed how much plastic is in a drug store?
  • Create a community around waste awareness. It is the obvious tip of the iceberg.  Clean air, land and water is a really good thing!


Do your best.

With love!

Until next week,

Garbage Girl


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