3 Urgent Changes Needed to Avoid Wasting Your Life On Earth

Garbage Girl can no longer be on pause because I think I have more important things to attend to when everything I waste contributes to a fragile imbalance with my planet.

For the past year, my life as Garbage Girl, went on hold  because my research made me feel sad and insignificant.  I found so many other ways to distract myself in order to feel better.  My new blog approach will attempt to persuade you, and myself, in every way I can, to take a deep look around us with a new awareness.  Join and share the journey!  You too may feel like you are going over the edge but that can change.  So can you!

Understanding how the greenhouse gases we produce move between our atmosphere, oceans and land is key to gauging how our planet is changing beyond its ability to support human life.  Al is on it!  See his new film,  An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/19/climate/al-gore-climate-change-timestalks.html  

 Scientific research, all over the world, is confirming the rapid changes our fragile atmosphere experiences.  This famous Hubble photo shows how little there is between us and deep space. https://inconvenientsequel.tumblr.com/

NASA’s  Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 is giving us a snapshot every 16 days of CO2 in our world’s atmosphere based on 100,000 daily measurements.  NASA combines data from computer models, commercial technologies, fieldwork, satellites, aircraft and research ships to study how phytoplankton and marine environments respond to our warming oceans, and how  wildfires, droughts, floods, severe weather and permafrost melting are interrelated.   https://climate.nasa.gov/climate_resources/136/

The United Nations is coordinating the same tools internationally to study other data on how rapidly species are declining, how increased wealth is making vast populations want more comforts, and how large population displacements are creating a more violent world.  Without drastic actions today, adapting to these impacts will be increasingly more difficult and costly.  http://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/climate-change/

The data being collected by increasingly sophisticated tools and increasingly collaborative studies by increasingly smart people and organizations tells a story about our home’s atmosphere, land and water going through changes so fast that it will no longer be able to support us.

As individuals, there is so little we can do to even make a pinprick in this phenomenon. That train left the station years ago.  Our lives need a new priority….. EARTH FIRST….  In everything we do.  All of us.   Imagine yourself as a radical advocate for the earth.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_First!

Human economic interests are the key factor to our challenge as a species.  We like stuff.  We occupy ourselves with more shopping to feel successful.  We indulge in hours of screen time informing ourselves about relationships, politics and current events.  We love new ideas, trends, places, and products.  We compete for more and more stuff.  We work many hours to improve our life comforts.  Imagine yourself as one of NASA’s tools and study the data that makes up your life.

Even if you don’t believe that climate change is the earth’s way of telling us we are on a self-destructive path over the edge, it’s not hard to see that more vulnerable species are having a difficult time adapting to the challenges their environments are putting them through.   Imagine yourself as the polar bear, without the ice, swimming farther and farther for food and land to live on.

What we can do to help:

  1. Change our priorities
  2. Inform ourselves to all the ways we can improve our environment
  3. Become a follower and evolve into a leader.

Until next week,

Garbage Girl


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