Corporate PR Is Immorally Wasting Our Valuable Time

Aquafina=PepsiCo Dasani=CocaCola Pure Life=Nestle because Poland Springs was a fraud

Definition of morality: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

Our Earth needs us to behave morally and do the right thing.

The Earth Crisis we have created will not go away by eliminating plastic water bottles one at a time.  BUT, that water bottle can get us to think about what is right.

1/4 Of Your Water Bottle May As Well Be Oil

These products are brought to us by the extractive oil industry.  They spend billions of PR dollars annually to convince us to pay them to drink water (we can get for free) from their containers that can only be used once.

Their product makes annoying crunchy noises when handled.

Their product is made of a material that mimics hormones; causing bodily changes when ingested.

Their product is ugly compared to every other container you can drink water from again and again.

Their product says the contents are “natural spring water”.  This is often not true at all, having come from   municipal sources. Would you pay $2.50 for 16 oz. of water from your kitchen tap?

Their product often contains flouride and other chemicals like Bisphenol A which is linked to obesity, diabetes and cancer.   Their product is not required to be tested as frequently or as closely, under Federal and State laws, as Municipal Tap water.  Their product is not required by law to list the ingredients found in their water on their labels.  Their product is not required to make public the results of all tests done on their product.

Their product wastes 100oz. of water for every 16oz. bottle they sell.

Their product has to get to you in boxes, wrapped in single use plastic film.  Their product contains 24 bottles in the cardboard case requiring you to buy all 24.  Their product is loaded on to trucks or planes using MORE oil for fuel, traveling many miles to get to your market.    At its retail destination, their product gets refrigerated — powered by fossil fuel derived energy — in beverage cases that are giant open rooms, with giant glass doors that are optimized for your easy access, not for containing the refrigerated air.

Worse: their company has no obligation to deal with all of this packaging.  Once the water has been purchased and consumed, it flows into the waste stream at no cost to the producer/originator of the waste.

If you do not dispose of their product correctly, it contaminates our water ecosystem, killing marine life up and down the food chain.  The 1 in 5 bottles of their product that get into a landfill will take 1000 years to break down.  Their product essentially never goes away.

This  process is being repeated more than 100 million times a day all over the world.

How You Can Help:

  • The moral thing to do: If we are to act as moral beings, their product would be so repulsive to us that we would not allow these corporations to produce it.
  • The immoral thing to do: Less than a minute of convenience for you = thousands of years of contamination for Mother Earth.

Until next week,

Garbage Girl




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