Your Soap Slivers Aren’t Finished Yet

When you can no longer keep your favorite soap in your wet hands, put it in an organza bag with a drawstring pull.  My friend, Stuart Fischer, came up with this idea and its really great!  The soap gets used up completely.  The ends stay out of the garbage.

Other sites show you how to boil the ends down and melt them all together to make new full size bars of mixed soap.  The organza bag eliminates the need to save lots of old soap ends.   And!  It makes terrific suds!

When you find a really great soap at your farmers market but its size is too big for your hands, cut it with a sharp knife and put the smaller section in your organza bag!

The bags are made of 100% Silk.  Once tied, hang it from a hook on your shower caddy and its ready for use over and over.   If you would like to purchase your very own please click the Buy Now button below.

Until next time,

Garbage Girl


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