Shoes That Last Forever, Guaranteed

Allen Edmonds sells beautifully made, high, quality men’s shoes.

They gained much of their following after providing shoes to the US Armed Forces during “World War II”.  Many of the recipients of those shoes became loyal to the brand for the rest of their lives.



Allen Edmonds is a moderately expensive brand of shoes that men typically wear for a very long time and repair rather than replace. The company offers recrafting services; rebuilding a pair of shoes, replacing soles and heels, creating a new cork base and strip, and reapplying the finish.

More than ninety-eight per cent of shoes sold in the U.S. are produced overseas.     Allen Edmonds is among a small minority of companies that produces shoes domestically.  Retired chairman and former owner, John Stollwerk, made the company’s commitment to keep their manufacturing in the U.S. in 2003.   The company replaced assembly lines in their factories with teams of craftsmen, each of  whom perform several tasks. Their system makes it easier to cover for absent employees.  It reduces overtime, time spent picking up and putting down shoes, and the number of spoiled shoes during assembly.

Choose companies who have always been committed to making sustainable, morally responsible products.  It feels really wonderful every time you look at your feet.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself bragging about how great your shoe company is because you start to feel like it is your shoe company.

Until next time,

Garbage Girl


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