The OWM Hall of Shame

I thought it would be great to create a Hall of Shame page on my header.  This will include companies who have products that create waste.

The example above is a single use plastic bag that is distributed every week with filler ads to our door X 6 units in our building.  Every week it gets thrown away.  The advertisers on the plastic bag need to rethink their PR.  Our building needs to post a sign.

According to, it is illegal for any person to place or allow to be placed any unsolicited advertisement where the property owner has posted a sign, at least five inches tall by seven inches wide, with one inch letters stating: “Do not place unsolicited advertisements on this property.” In a multiple dwelling building, each unit owner or lessee must consent to the posting of the sign. In a multiple dwelling building, the property owner may designate a place for the placement of unsolicited advertisements.

Violations of this section shall be enforceable through property owner complaint forms submitted to DSNY by property owners. The complaint form may be obtained on DSNY’s website or by calling 311 or visiting

Fine: $250

I think I would like the job of enforcing litter laws!

Until next time,

Garbage Girl


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