Our Waste Matters owns the utility and design patents for these beautiful architecturally compatible residential garbage cans. They feature the following:

  • drainage holes at the bottom for easy cleaning
  • discreet security hooks to attach your cans to your property
  • address plaque to identify your cans
  • bumpers to keep your cans aligned
  • rectangular shape to make the best use of small spaces
  • attached lids
  • slanted lids to eliminate ice/snow build up
  • hidden bag holder to hide unsightly garbage bags (Phase Two)
  • compatible colors black, brownstone, limestone
  • decorative motifs to match railings (Phase One will be a Flor de Lis)
  • design uses 1/3 less HDPE plastic than traditional cans
  • black color can be made from recycled plastic

We are looking for investors for our molds.  If you would like to prebuy one of the first cans out of the mold please sign up at ourwastematters@gmail.com  They are $229.95 a piece.  I need 100  interested buyers to get started, so share with friends. Each can is 50 gallons and will come in either Black or Brownstone. Fill in your contact information, # of cans, and color below.  Please feel free to Comment.  Thank you for your interest!


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