The Solution

The Garbage Can becomes an Architectural Accessory

Be part of The Waste Awareness Solution

Turn Ugly to Beautiful

Its so beautiful!

Our waste matters, because our landfills are at capacity, plastic waste is choking our oceans, our purchasing votes potentially give Corporations more power to pollute and our fossil fuel addiction destroys our Earth.

My goal is to inspire you to reduce the waste you create so that garbage is no longer Out of sight~Out of mind.  Garbage Girl strives to be a tastemaker of “all things garbage” so we can make significant environmental gains for our planet together.

My sincere thanks go to John Lonczak, our industrial engineer, Katherine Harihar at Troutman Sanders LLP and the rest of our advisors for making Our Waste Matters better and better and then better again.

It is a pleasure to blog for our many followers.  Thank you for caring about this important issue.  You can follow Garbage Girl at Our Waste Matters on Facebook and Twitter.

The utility and design patents are approved.  The CADs are with the manufacturers for pricing and production capacity.  The design process for the molds is scheduled.

Investors are being sought and prepaid orders are being solicited.   Click the ABOUT menu header and sign up or reach out to me at for more information.

I hope you will join and share our journey with others.

Best to you,

Garbage Girl


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